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Getting Back On Track

Well, if it really is the cord that's causing my scanner tonot work, the problem should be over soon. My boyfriend, Suri, is giving me a new one this weekend. Once the scanner's working there will be THREE new pages for you guys! And then I'll be tying to set myself into a regular update schedule. The ball's really going to start rolling here.

Also, I'm addig a paypal donation button do the site. I'm a college student, and therefore I'm fucking broke all the time. x_____x Donations will help me pay for college and prevent me from vanishing off of the face of the internet. Even a couple dollares will help. (I can get dinner for under $5!)

And like most comics begging for donations, if you donate, I'll do you a little sketch or something. The more you donate, the better the drawing! (As in I'll ink it or shade it or something.)

posted by Sono_Cat @ March 20th, 2007, 1:52 pm  -  0 Comments

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